Tips for Indoor Succulents

indoor succulents

Following up on our first "how to" on the basics of succulents, we're now going to dive into the details of indoor care! Once you have successfully potted your new friend (with appropriate drainage and soil) and given him his first water, it's time to determine his new habitat.   

When raising young seedlings, succulents they are typically farmed outdoors in arid climates and only brought into either a green house or indoors during harsh winter months. That being sad, it is possible to keep your succulent indoors during it's lifespan which makes them excellent apartment plants. As we touched on previously, they thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Near your south or west-facing window is a prime spot! 

If this bright indirect sunlight isn't an option for you, succulents can indeed grow with artificial light. If you chose to go this route make sure to use cool white bulbs, and do not place your plants closer than 12 inches to your bulb. With indoor lighting the succulents should be exposed for about 12 hours per day. Like we said these guys love light!

If you really want to give your little plants the perfect climate, succulents thrive if your home's humidity level is roughly between 10-30%. You can buy an affordable reader for about $9 at any big box store. These hygrometers are nifty little tools that also measure indoor and outdoor temperatures making them a pretty pragmatic investment. 

Keeping your plants indoors eliminates many pest related problems, but there still are some home dwelling creatures to keep an eye out for. Mealybugs and scales are common with indoor plants, to prevent damage try soaking a cotton ball in alcohol and gently rubbing your plant's leaves. Other insects like spider mites might need specific insecticide sprays. Nontoxic, eco-friendly brands can be found at health food stores and nurseries. 

Overall succulents are hearty plants that do not require much attention. Insuring proper lighting and watering are the most important things you can do to ensure your new plants lasts. If you have questions about any of the things mentioned or anything succulent related our florists are more than happy to chat with you! Happy home gardening!