Spring is here!

Doesn't it feel just lovely to know that Spring is here?! What better way to enjoy the season than getting out of the house and doing some gardening. Here are some inspirations for the ultimate spring garden.

Pansy Flower


Summer Snowflake

Photo via FlowerInfo

These multi-color flowers are hybrids cultivated in England in the early 1800's. These flowers grow best when exposed to partial sunlight and heat, although they can also survive low temperatures and even light snow, which makes them perfect for spring gardening.


A flower that smells like chocolate is definitely a must-have! The Summer Snowflake  blooms in May and prefers the more shady and moist areas in your garden. If you have a waterfall or pond in your garden, this flowering plant will pair nicely with it.

Double Rock Roses


                       Blue Star Flower

Photo via Patrick Short

These Roses require minimal care. They are native to the Mediterranean and can grow on rocky, hillside soil just like it’s name suggests. They can also endure extreme sun and hot temperature (perfect for California). 



The Blue Star Flower attracts attention from afar. Although their blooming peak is during mid-spring, these flowers will last all throughout the summer as well, giving you plenty of time to enjoy them.

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