Neighborhood Spotlight | Salumeria

We sat down with Anika Alhberg, manager and buyer at Salumeria in the heart of The Mission. Fancy charcuterie, preserves, and ciabatta rolls? Keep on reading...

On the corner of Florida and 20th sits this acclaimed delicatessen, run by the Ne Timeas Group, all lead by Chef Thomas McNaughton. Chef McNaughton is the creator of both Central Kitchen and Flour + Water, and originally opened this delightfully earthy deli to serve as larder to both restaurants. Now holding its own, Salumeria has its fair share of both missionites and food tourists alike filling up their tables. 

With a focus on high quality meats and cheeses, the marketplace's primary focus is to remain local. Anika notes "local is such a buzzword at the moment" but emphasizes its importance as seeing it from the other end. "...having real communication with the people who make your food is truly special" The team here realizes it's not only in vogue, but understands the importance of fostering these relationships to get the freshest, tastiest foods from all over Northern California. 

Once cast behind the scenes, Anika's fellow manager and head butcher has become front and center. Upon entering, you cannot miss his post with almost half of the shops real estate belonging to him. In keeping the tradition of an old world deli shop, any cut of meat is hand cut and wrapped up beautifully. Beautiful enough to not want to unwrap. Ever. 

Now comes the million dollar question. Anika is indeed a veteran, having been with Salumeria for almost three years and in the restaurant biz over ten. Her favorite thing on the menu is, drum roll...anything on a pretzel bun! As many Salumeria-goers agree you cannot go wrong with a sandwich here, and anything on a pretzel bun makes it that much better. She also gives local Oakland based In a Jam a convincing endorsement, naming nectarine and Hungarian pepper flavors of choice. 

In between domestic wine and an impressive selection of pasta and oils sits our MdF stand. Anika explains it's customer's natural behavior to seek out flowers when buying food. "..Eating and restaurant go-ing is such sensory experience, having something beautiful, living and natural surrounding you is a part of that." We couldn't agree more, adding fresh blooms to the table after picking up fresh mortadella and and a nutty fontina can't possible get any better. To learn more about Salumeria or any of the restaurants in the Ne Timeas Group visit