It's Lavender Season!

Looking for a natural way to fill your space with soothing scents and a calming presence? Lavender does just that! Whether you’re using the actual plant, an essential oil, candle, or dried stems, it fills the room with a lovely fragrance that instantly puts you at ease.

Here are 5 facts about Lavender.

1.     It has antibacterial and antidepressant properties. In the past, lavender was used in France to calm down nervous students.


2.     An individual lavender bud is covered by tiny hairs, which contain all the essential oils. Look closely!

3.     It takes 2-3 week to dry a lavender bush. Just turn the bush up side down and hang it to dry.

4.     The lavender scent repels mosquitoes, flies, mice and other pests. Win win! In the 17th century, people even wore lavender as a bracelet to repel the plague.

5.     Fresh or dried lavender can be used to make delicious meals, such as spice rubs, custard, and cookies.

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