It's Peony Season

Mission de Flores - San Francisco Flower Shop | Pink Peonies
Mission de Flores | Pink Peonies

There is no trendier, or more photographed flower than the Peony. But hey, no surprise there. Peonies are gorgeous, eye-catching, fragrant, and very photogenic. 

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1. They are the 12th anniversary flowers.

2. They symbolize good fortune and a happy marriage that's why they're very popular for wedding bouquets. 

3. Peonies come in every color except blue.

4. Ants are attracted to Peonies because of the sweet nectar that forms around the buds.

5. Pink peonies are more fragrant than the maroon ones.


To extend the life of your Peonies once you get them home, follow these simples steps:

- Cut the stems before placing them in water. 

- Use COLD water. 

- Replace the water daily. 

- Add a penny in the vase, it helps prevent bacteria formation.

- Keep your peonies is a cool, shaded spot.

- Take photos and lots of it. Your Peonies will go through different stages of beauty and each day is different.

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