How to Pick Valentine's Day Flowers

 La Reina $165 |  SHOP NOW

La Reina $165 | SHOP NOW

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away!
Don't be THAT person waiting until the day of to get your flowers. Why? Because flower shops will usually sell out of the best stems and you may not be able to find what you're looking for. 

So, for those who are preparing early, here are 3 tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Valentine's Day flowers. 

1. What is his/her style like?


Each flower and floral arrangement has a personality. You need to make sure that it fits with the lucky recipient's style.

Are they more traditional? Then go for the classic dozen roses.

Are they more feminine and sweet? Then check out the delicate and blushing La Sirena

They're not a flower person but you still want to give them something? Then go for a plant like a romantic Orchid or a cute succulent garden

 La Sirena $125 |  O  RDER NOW

La Sirena $125 | ORDER NOW

 La Rosa $95 |  ORDER NOW

La Rosa $95 | ORDER NOW

2. Where will the flowers go?


Of course, you already know if you'll be getting these flowers delivered or handing it to them in person. But it's also important to think about where the recipient will ultimately place them. 

If you think they'll be leaving it at their office, think about the size of their desk. Our arrangements vary from small circle vases to wide rectangular bases β€” most don't take up too much space, but some larger arrangements can overwhelm a small table. 

If they're being delivered to a home, then think about their living space. Is there a table the arrangement can go on? Flowers delivered to homes can usually be wider and taller - our La Rosa and La Reina designs are perfect for that.

Remember, we offer FREE DELIVERY within San Francisco. All of our delivered arrangements already come with a vase. 

3. Let the experts help. 


That's what we're here for! Visit our flower shop in The Mission and let our amazing florists help you. 

We'll put together a wrapped bouquet or vase arrangement based on your preferences. That way, you can see, feel, and smell the flowers in person.
We can work with your budget!

You can also call us at (415) 829 - 9886 or email with your questions

Note: Pre-ordering is the best way to make sure you're getting the flowers you want. So don't wait, order now!

 Valentine's Day Bouquet | Only available in shop. 

Valentine's Day Bouquet | Only available in shop. 

And don't forget about your personal message!
We have Valentine's cards available online and at the shop. 

 Every Valentine Cards by  Trina Spiller Design

Every Valentine Cards by Trina Spiller Design