The Most Bizarre Orchids In The World

Roses and Lilies aren’t the only jaw-dropping flowers on this planet. Here are 3 stunning and unique orchids that’ll instantly make you forget about their more popular cousins. 

1. The Ballerina Orchid



This beautiful species is critically endangered. Only a limited amount of this rare species can be found in Western Australia. The Ballerina Orchid forms part of the spider orchid family that grow either singly or in groups. It's orangey petals forms the "ballerina's arms", while the lower white end can be seen as the "ballerina's tutu".



The name of this Orchid says it all, this orchid looks like a flying duck. Even though Orchids are among the two largest groups of flowering plants, this is one species that you don't get to see every day. This Australian Orchid not only captures the attention of humans, but its peculiar form also attracts the attention of insects that aid its pollination.

2. The Flying Duck Orchid

3. The Monkey-Faced Orchid

Photo via Dena Haines



There is no other flower that represents their nickname more than this flower. The Monkey-Faced Orchid grows in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian forests at approximately 3,500 to 6,500 ft altitudes. When this flower is fully blooming, it smells like ripe oranges.

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