5 Facts About Roses

With Valentine's Day coming up, the number 1 flower everyone will be looking for are ROSES (naturally.) So, we're sharing a few fun facts about these well-loved stems since you'll be seeing them everywhere this coming week. 

1. Black roses do not exist.

Although there are a few species that come very close. One of them is called the Turkish Halfeti Rose, or "The Black Rose of Turkey." It is a very rare type of rose that looks black, but in fact, is actually a very deep, dark red color. 

Of course, there are also artificial "black" roses in which dyes are used to color the red rose. Then there are always silk flowers which can come in every color imaginable.

2. There is a $5 million rose.

 Photo via  David Austen Roses

No, a single rose doesn't actually cost that much. But that's the amount rose breeder David Austen spent, plus 15 years of breeding, to create the Juliet rose. That's dedication right?

This rose is used a lot in weddings because of their romantic look and delicate layers. 

3. Most roses is the U.S. come from Ecuador.

 Photo via  Financial Times

Photo via Financial Times

Ecuador is the leading producer and exporter of roses. The high altitude makes for better roses that last longer and have fuller blooms. Plus, they also get great natural light year-round. 

4. The rose is United State's national flower.

 Photo via  American Rose Society  

Ronald Reagan declared the rose as America's National Floral Emblem in 1986. 

The rose is also the official flowers of four states: New York, Iowa, North Dakota, and Georgia. 

5. The oldest rose bush is 1,000 years old. 

5 Rose Facts | Mission de Flores

It's so old, and big, that it's pretty much a tree. Growing on the side of Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany, it measures at 69ft high and 30ft wide. 

While it has been dubbed the "Thousand-year Rose" the bush is actually about 700 years old and is the oldest living rosebush in the world. 


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Disclaimer: If you are interested in any of the roses mentioned above, please contact the shop for more information about ordering. Since some of these are very rare, we can help guide you to the right source. Obviously, we can't sell you thousand-year rose bush. Sorry.