5 Distinctively Fragrant Flowers & Plants

Flowers aren’t just a delight for the eyes, but they can also stimulate our other senses, especially our noses. Here are five flowers that have distinct scents to swoon over. 

1.     Stock

This flower has a clove-like fragrance. It will fill the space with a wonderful spice scent.

2.     Eucalyptus

You may be familiar with this plant from its many medical applications. It  has a wonderful mint and pine-like scent with a touch of honey.

Photo via 99 Roots

3.     Miltonia Orchid

This is your go-to plant if you want something that looks and smells great. Their strong rose-like fragrance can last up to 6 weeks in bloom.

Photo via Akatsuka Orchid

4.     Gardenias

You know a flower has a fabulous fragrance when it’s used in Chanel’s perfumes. The Gardenia has different layers of fragrance: floral, heavy, sweet, earthy, and tropical. Just take a deep breath around one to take this all in. 

5.     Freesia

This flower just makes you want to eat it all up. Freesias have a distinctive candy-like smell: sweet and fruity.

Photo via Bulbs Direct