4 Must-Have Pet-friendly Plants

1.     Air Plants

These plants do not need soil to thrive. They attach themselves to rocks or trees using their root system and absorb nutrients and water through the leaves. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, air plants make for great home décor and can be placed higher up on walls and shelves — making it harder for your pets to reach. 

2.     Echeveria

This beautiful succulent has compact and thick rosette leaves that are  firm to the point and can mark the skin if touched firmly. If humans will avoid touching them, so will your pets.

3.     Moth Orchids

These are the most popular orchids. They have stunning flowers that bloom year-round. Orchids are usually potted so they can easily be moved around. This way they won’t be invading your pets’ space.

Phalaenopsis Orchid
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4.     Bamboo

This woody plant is a member of the grass family and is usually used for screening spaces or property. They are usually planted closely to each other making it difficult for pets to pass through them.

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