3 Unique Succulents You Didn't Know About

1.     Aeonium tabuliforme

 A succulent that looks like a pizza: who doesn’t want that? This succulent, also known as the dinner plate succulent, has a perfect flattened geometric shape, which makes it stand out. It grows easily in a container making it a great addition to your home.

Photo via Etsy

2.     Ceraria pygmaea

This super cute succulent also known as the Pygmy porkbush has irregularly shaped leaves that form a large number of short branches, while the roots partially stick out of the ground. This is the only succulent that stores water both in the trunk and the leaves.

3.     Pelargonium carnosum

These succulents are extremely resistant against droughts. They have wooden-like stems and leaves that shed during dry periods. If you’re a newbie succulent owner, these guys are a great starter plant because of their durability. 

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