3 Plants That Grow Without Sunlight

There’s nothing that brings more cheer than a beautiful plant on your office desk,  coffee table or bathroom, right? But we’ve all heard the saying that plants need sunlight to thrive. Well, we’ve got news for you, not all plants need direct sunlight!

Here are 3 indoor plants that don’t need sunshine.


This tropical houseplant grows beautifully indoors. Make sure to hydrate it regularly, without overwatering it. Keep it potted and placed in a shaded area.

Maidenhair Fern

When it comes to houseplants, ferns are very popular. This particular fern resembles human hair, and looks beautiful as a table centerpiece. Water it regularly and keep away from direct sunlight.


Photo via Gardenality

Umbrella Palm

Palm plants are a gorgeous addition to any indoor space. They go beautifully in corners, and brightens up the space. They are easy to grow and maintain. Just keep the plant in a moistened pot and in a shaded area.  

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