3 Flowers That Last Longer Than One Week

We all love gorgeous floral arrangements, but we don't love their short life-span. Most flowers last about a week in a vase, but here are three types of blooms that you can enjoy for much longer.

1.     Carnations

These flowers retain their bloom for up to two full weeks. They bloom longer because of their exceptional genes. Carnations do not require excessive amounts of nutrients; they can withstand high temperatures and do not need a lot of energy to remain alive. These are beautiful low-maintenance flowers to have in your home or to give as a gift.

2.     Thistles   

These perennials can last up to 8 weeks and years when dried! The actual plant requires minimal care. It withstands droughts and does not have many pests making it a great addition to any garden.

3.     Proteas

If these flowers are properly taken care of, they can last for 6 months! They come in beautiful textures and vibrant colors. When picking Proteas, look for the freshest ones: those that haven’t opened yet. This way you’ll be guaranteed a longer vase life.