5 Fall Flowers

While it's not sweater weather just yet in San Francisco, we can't get enough of the burnt brown hues, rustic reds, and vibrant violets seen in Fall flowers. Our shop is slowly turning into an array of sunset colors and our floral designs are incorporating more and more of these favorites into arrangements and bouquets. 

Read through and learn more about 5 Fall flowers that we're totally in love with this month. 


Rose hips are the seed pods of roses. If you don't prune the wilted flowers on the rose bush at the end of the season, these small, berry-sized, reddish seed balls will emerge on tips of the stems.
Yes, Rose Hips are edible. They are actually a good source of Vitamin C. But we would still strongly caution against eating any Rose Hips you see either in a flower shop or garden β€” it may have been treated with pesticide and you certainly don't want that in your system. 

Fun Facts:

  • Commonly used in teas, jams, jellies, bread, wine, and pies. 
  • Tastes almost like Cranberries.
  • In the 18th century, it was found that rose hips could provide enough Vitamin C to prevent scurvy. 


Also called Chrysanthemums or Chrysanths. There are many different kinds of mums which vary in shapes, colors, and size. These flowers can last up to two weeks after cutting and are perfect for home decor and vase arrangements. 

Fun Facts:

  • Official flower of Chicago
  • The 13th wedding anniversary flower. 
  • November birth flower.
  • In Japan, they are the symbol of royalty.
  • Also symbolizes loyalty, truth, optimism, joy, longevity, and strength. 


These jewel-toned blooming shrubs are a favorite for weddings. When dried, they can last for years. They are definitely not edible and are actually mildly toxic. Taking a hint from the name, Hydrangeas need to be hydrated so water them well! 

Fun Facts:

  • The colors are affected by the aluminum in the soil. 
  • First discovered in Japan. 
  • The 4th wedding anniversary flower. 
  • Symbolizes sincerity and heartfelt emotions. 


Ok, technically, this isn't a flower. But we love using them in Fall decor and arrangements that we just had to include it in our list. The complementary color and full leaves add depth and texture that makes designs more lush and interesting. 

Fun Facts:

  • Fried maple leaves are a staple Fall snack in Japan
  • The nation symbol of Canada. The maple leaf is on their national flag. 
  • In Estonia and Lithuania, instead of "New Driver" signs, green maple leaf signs are put in cars of inexperienced drivers. 


These reddish brown stems have tiny yellow flowers and red-orange berries that bloom just in time for Fall. Eye-catching and easily-bendable, they can be used for wreaths and unique floral designs.

Fun Facts:

  • Birds love to eat these berries. 
  • Berries are not edible for humans. Don't try to eat them. 

 Examples of our Fall designs: 

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Melissa de Mata

Melissa de Mata Photo, San Francisco, USA

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