How to Celebrate Dia de los Muertos

Mission de Flores | Dia de los Muertos

Here in The Mission, our shop's neighborhood, Day of the Dead is a big part of the community. Every year, families take part in time-honored traditions to celebrate their loved ones that have passed away.


"Through art, music, and ritual this event honors our ancestors and celebrates the vitality and richness of today's community." - The Marigold Project

At Mission de Flores, we'll be celebrating by creating our own altar. We invite you to visit us at 2590 Folsom St. and leave an offering this weekend. 

"On the first day, families visit the graves of their relatives. During this time, they decorate the gravesite with flowers, earth, and candles. [But] decoration is not restricted to gravesites. Often times people set up home altars dedicated to the same relatives." -

So, what exactly do you need to make your own Dia de los Muertos altar? 

  1. Candles
  2. Marigolds (we sell them at the flower shop!)
  3. Incense
  4. Salt
  5. Photo of the deceased
  6. Bread of the dead
  7. Sugar skulls
  8. Fresh fruit
  9. Traditional Day of the Dead food (atole, mole, tamales, tortillas)
  10. Water
  11. Toiletries
  12. Favorite drink of the deceased
  13. Items that once belonged to the deceased
  14. Images of saints
  15. Ceramics and woven baskets

While Day of the Dead altars typically contain all of the items listed above, you can customize and personalize your own to honor your loved one specifically. 

If you need to pick up Marigolds and other flowers for your Dia de los Muertos altar, visit Mission de Flores or call us at (415)829-9886 for special orders. 

Melissa de Mata

Melissa de Mata Photo, San Francisco, USA

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